Third-party Imaging Components Available for HTML5/JavaScript

HTML5 is an emerging technology that is helping advance widespread cross-platform support and better web standards compliance. Many of the major changes in HTML5 in comparison to its predecessors is the large focus on interactive web applications as opposed to web pages that simply display information. Additionally, HTML5 includes many new elements and functions specifically designed to embed graphics, video, audio, and other interactive features.

JavaScript is not a new technology, but it has evolved so much that it is a non-negotiable requirement for most websites rather than a nice-to-have feature. Browsers on both traditional computers as well as mobile devices and tablets can handle much more advanced JavaScript features such as threads (web workers) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which allow web applications to handle complex algorithms and data structures without slowing down the execution.

Imaging Components using both HTML5 and JavaScript

Individually, neither do much for the imaging application developer. However, HTML5 and JavaScript make an incredible platform on which to develop applications that run seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile device with zero footprint and no downloading of plug-ins. Image processing, annotations, and viewing can all be done in the browser without calling a web service, giving the web application the same responsiveness and feel of a highly-optimized desktop application.