Programming a medical imaging application with support for viewing DICOM files and medical images is hard work. Medical Viewer components can ease that burden and significantly speed up development. There are many advanced features required for displaying medical images such as window leveling, 12-16 bit extended grayscale, annotations, region of interest, cine playback, and 3D volume reconstruction.

When shopping for medical viewer components, make sure you choose one that can load the most DICOM files. The best way to verify this is to make sure the DICOM viewer library supports the latest DICOM specifications.

Medical viewer components that go above and beyond the typical feature set would support multiple development platforms. For example, it is easy to find support for .NET, but mobile devices and tablets are very popular in health care sector so a simple .NET component might not be enough. Look for an SDK with native libraries as well as cross-platform web frameworks using HTML5 and JavaScript. Web applications are very popular, but sometimes require plugins that limit support to certain operating systems or browsers. Make sure you choose a medical image viewing component with true cross-platform and zero-footprint DICOM viewing capabilities.

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