The complete ComponentSource white paper, The ROI on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components, may be downloaded here (PDF File)

The ROI on LEADTOOLS Commercial, Off-the-Shelf Components

The preliminary results of an industry study conducted by ComponentSource and published in a white paper called The Return on Investment on Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Software Components , offers first-time measurement of the high productivity returns that may be achieved by deploying LEAD Technologies' advanced imaging expertise. The study applies industry averages for metrics such as person months to develop and deploy 1,000 lines of code by development environment, the cost per month of a salaried developer inclusive of office overheads, and—given the fact that most commercial off-the-shelf components are feature rich—the estimated percentage of a COTS component that may be used as part of an application. Source lines of code behind our product range offer the most important measurable statistic to perform the Return on Investment (ROI) analysis. The results displayed in the table below, offer companies valuable insight on the potential cost avoidance in terms of lines of code avoided and ROI compared to the cost of one developer license for some our leading products.

Component SLOC Language % Component
Time Avoided
(Person Months)
I Developer License ROI
Document Imaging
2,466,899 C, C++ 10% 246,690 863 $8,634,147 $1,995 4,328
Medical Imaging
3,215,584 C, C++ 10% 321,558 1,125 $11,254,544 $3,995 2,817
2,247,966 C, C++ 10% 224,797 787 $7,867,881 $1,495 5,263
Raster Imaging Pro
2,002,198 C, C++ 10% 200,220 701 $7,007,693 $995 7,043

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LEAD Technologies has been producing imaging developer toolkits for the past 25+ years. The company is prepared to handle all imaging needs&msah;from common loading, displaying and image processing, to complex and high performance imaging demands in the document, medical, and Internet industries. Specialist project support is available in areas such as raster imaging, vector imaging, multimedia support, or even a combination of all three.

LEADTOOLS libraries are distributed with several world-class commercial software and hardware applications including Microsoft's FrontPage and Home Publisher, Corel's CorelDraw, Hewlett Packard's DeskJet and OfficeJet, and Kodak's PictureCD, among others. The company powers the internal imaging systems of several Fortune 500 companies, including Ford Motor Company, Reuters, Adidas, Bank of America, Boeing, and NCR. To date, tens of thousands of programmers have used LEADTOOLS components to expedite their in-development efforts. There is broad market share for LEADTOOLS libraries, with millions of copies installed throughout the world to handle the rigorous demands of digital imaging.