The Visual Component Library (VCL) is a framework consisting of classes and components that are used to create applications using Borland Delphi. The VCL was updated to 32 bit in Delphi 2. Delphi has been very successful in the rapid application development (RAD) market; however, many users expressed an interest to Borland for a C++ RAD tool. That tool was developed and is called C++Builder.

Part of the power of C++Builder is the VCL and its components. Need a split window? Drop a few components on your form. Need a file open dialog? Drop a component on your form. Components make your programming easier, plain and simple. The base VCL from Borland, however, is far from complete. There are many programming needs that are not covered by the VCL including most advanced image enabling features.

Fortunately, there is a comprehensive selection of third-party VCL imaging components available to you if you are a Delphi developer. As easy as dropping the component onto your form.

Here is a List of VCL Imaging Components Available to Make Your Next Project Easier