Why should I consider using components to build the imaging portions of my application?

If you're a product manager, then you know about project deadlines and coding until midnight. But did you know that there are solutions available to you in the form of third-party components that can drastically reduce the amount of time your team spends programming? Software Development Team Leaders, why hire several programmers when one can handle the project by utilizing third-party software components?

What is the best type of imaging technology for my application?

Many programmers start at the need for compressing images due to the complex nature of compression algorithms and file formats. JPEG2000, JBIG, CCITT G3/G4, CMP, Wavelett — there are so many choices. Find out what compression options are available to you and which is best suited for your application.

Imaging application needs and features go far beyond simply loading, saving and compressing images though. If you need features like OCR, barcode, PDF, image processing, annotations, DICOM, PACS, multimedia codecs, and TWAIN scanning, there are many ways to go about adding them.

Buy components!

Chances are, there is code that has already been written and tested, and is available at a price substantially less than it will cost you to write it yourself.

Whether you need high-level or low-level control over your software features, well-chosen software components can drastically reduce your product development cycles.