Programming a medical imaging application is hard work. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) components and medical imaging components can ease that burden and significantly speed up development. Compliance is an important requirement in any health care application, so choosing a PACS programming library is very important.

When shopping for PACS imaging components, make sure you choose one that can properly communicate with any third-party PACS because many practices already own existing servers which they may or may not be keeping as a part of the larger system. Therefore proper DICOM Communication and the DICOM specifications that dictate it are vital to the success and marketability of your application.

Additional features to look for in PACS programming libraries and components are OEM-ready applications and frameworks. Low-level toolkits are a great start, but the best PACS components will do a lot of the ground work for you. For example, you can re-brand an existing application or write a few simple plug-ins to customize the PACS for your client in a couple of months rather than developing something from the ground up over the course of several years.

Get information on excellent PACS components or for help programming medical imaging PACS support into your application!

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