Image processing components allow developers to transform, filter, convert color spaces, and draw onto images. Many times, you can't control what the images look like as they come into your software application. They may come from various places and in various states of viewability. Your job as a programmer is not only to support the input of images, but to make them look their best once they arrive.

Image processing components are available to handle a wide array of image enabling functions.

Whether you need to:

  • Automatically trim a bitmap to remove blank space around the edges
  • Rotate the image
  • Change the orientation by flipping the image horizontally or vertically
  • Change brightness using gamma correction
  • Stretch the range of intensities
  • Change saturation
  • Halftone for display or printing
  • Sharpen or blur
  • Combine two images so that one appears to be an underlying texture of the other
  • Anti-alias the image

Or any other image processing routine you can think of, there are image processing components available which will make processing your images as easy as adding a component.

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