There are excellent programming components specifically focused on enabling you to view document file formats. Most components are designed around viewing a single format. This means that multiple components are required if your application needs to support many formats. To get the best value and easiest development experience, look for document viewing programming library with support for all the formats you want to view.

Document formats, as opposed to raster image formats, have some distinct features that are difficult to support in a document viewer control. For example, most document formats are text and/or vector, so users wanting to view a document file format will want to search, select, and copy the text. Many users also like to draw annotations on documents to markup the file and collaborate with other users without permanently changing the document. You can piece together several document viewing components to implement all of these features, or you can use a single toolkit, like LEADTOOLS, that has a fully-featured document viewer component library with everything anyone working with document file formats could want or need.

Get information on excellent Document Viewer components or for help programming document file format support into your application!

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