You've just received a request to program an application that reads and writes barcode. If you're a programmer who is not familiar with coding barcode support, it may be easier and faster to purchase a third-party component which supports reading and writing barcodes. Then, you can quickly and easily add functions to read multiple barcodes at any orientation, write barcodes to any of over 150+ supported raster image file format or to any windows compliant printer, encode thousands of characters per barcode symbol with 2D barcode technology, and read barcodes from or write barcodes to selected regions of interest.

Whether you need to support Linear (1D), DataMatrix (2D), or PDF417 (2D) barcodes, code is available in the form of third-party programming components.

Comprehensive barcode programming is supported in an .NET, Windows API, ActiveX, and Class library.

Barcode Components

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