Third-party Imaging Components Available for Microsoft .NET

The Microsoft .NET Framework introduces an incredible offering of programming languages and technologies for writing Windows applications. Its two foundational languages are C# and Visual Basic .NET.

The most popular .NET language, C#, is a powerful and programmer-friendly language with a syntax similar to languages like C++ and Java. Its object-oriented design makes it an perfect platform for SDK companies to build for and the market is ripe with component libraries.

Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET, included in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional, Enterprise Developer, and Enterprise Architect editions, is the latest version of Visual Basic built specifically for existing Visual Basic developers who want to get the most out of the software development experience.

In addition to more power, productivity, and application stability, Visual Basic .NET provides key enhancements that solve the most pressing challenges that Visual Basic developers face today. From the new integrated development environment (IDE) to a modern, streamlined Visual Basic language, Visual Basic .NET delivers the top requested features built for today's Visual Basic developer.

There is a wide variety of third-party imaging components available for Microsoft .NET which allow you to create applications that include comprehensive imaging and/or compression functionality, and move them from development to implementation more quickly.